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After many years in and around education, I’ve become a bit cynical about personality “tools”, and I approached Motivational Maps without any great enthusiasm. So I was very surprised to find that it was actually really useful! It provided some interesting insights into my own motivators, especially where some things weren’t quite what I had expected, and forced me to ask what this meant. It was particularly valuable in helping me to see what motivated the staff I am responsible for. Managing people doesn’t come naturally to a Computing person, so these insights are very helpful. The end results of this program far exceeded the relatively small amount of time it took. 

Robert Shera


Hi Marie, thank you for your excellent advice and support over the past year. Your work on motivational mapping has been great for us as a team and we continue to make use of your insights as the basis of our ongoing team planning. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future. 

Alan Duffy

Department of Human Services

I completed a motivational map last year and it was immensely useful. Finding out what motivates me to do my best was much more insightful than the many other workplace testing I have done.

Mel Harwood

Assistant Director, Communications and Marketing: National Archives of Australia

Thanks for all your work in preparing and delivering yesterday’s Motivational Mapping workshop. Feedback from the Assistant Secretary and staff has been very positive – people have drawn a lot from it.



Internal Communications and Production Services- Australian Government

I would like to pass on that the feedback from my team on this process has been very positive, in particular the one on one discussions you conducted. One valued staff member has decided to leave the team following this exercise, which is a good outcome for this person and great that the motivational mapping was able to help her understand what she needs to do next career-wise.


Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian Government

Marie Ball is undeniably one of the best consultants I know. She presented well-articulated research, and spent time in understanding and advocating what I needed to achieve and where I had to focus to develop self-awareness and fulfilment at my current role. Her presence and positive outlook towards workplace management (and life in general) would be truly infectious for her future clients.

Dave Naishadh

Telecommunications, Sydney

Marie and I have known each other professionally for many years. Marie spoke to me about doing my Motivational Map at a time when I was at a crossroads in in my career. The Mapping process was emailed to me and I emailed the test back. I met with Marie for approximately an hour to receive the feedback. The results were very accurate and made me consider my strengths and my weaknesses and how best to manage them moving forward professionally. Marie as always was very professional and I would recommend Motivational Mapping as an effective tool both professionally and personally.

Ruth Zivkovic

Australian Goverment