Mapping Motivation Course


Motivation virtually spreads into every aspect of our lives. This course will show you what motivation is, how practical and useful motivation is, but necessary too; it provides crucial information about the nine directions of motivation and how you can apply it to yourself, your team and organisation. You will come to understand the ways that behaviour, both your own and others, can be shaped and improved by paying closer attention to the operation of primary motivators and reward strategy.

In this course you will receive:

  • over ten hours of reading, application and reflection as you familiarise yourself with the system of motivational mapping
  • an e-copy of James Sale book – Mapping Motivation Unlocking the Key to Employee Energy and Engagement – 190 pages
  • an opportunity to complete motivational mapping for yourself to identify your own individual motivational drivers
  • a discounted offer to become accredited as a licenced motivational map practitioner and join an International Motivational Mapping community



You will receive an individualised code to the eBook by email within 24-36 hours of course purchase:

Mapping Motivation

3 reviews for Mapping Motivation Course

  1. Sarah C (verified owner)

    Motivational Maps is more than a tool for professional insight. When looked at from all its ingenious yet simplistic angles, it lights up the receptors and allows the person engaged to deeply understand not only themselves but the person beside them. Personally speaking, this course was a tool that saved my marriage and assisted to refuel my professional identity. This book is a canon, but without the willingness of the reader, it’s fuse cannot be lit. I’m now completing the accredited training as I feel ardent to share some fuel for the spark in others to reignite or simply keep on burning.

  2. Dr O’Neil Maharaj (verified owner)

    Marie Ball has wonderfully packaged the depths of ‘motivational mapping’ into a bite-sized, student-friendly resource. This course unlocks the challenges many of us face, when we explore a person’s many static characteristics, like their personality. Instead Ball takes us on a resource-rich journey of how to map the dynamic profile of a person’s motivation. I would highly recommend this, independent of their years of experience, that they improve their potency in impacting individuals and teams achieve change.

  3. Claire Peschel (verified owner)

    As a Counsellor in private practice Mapping Motivation was transformative. Engaging and well resourced, the course took me well beyond confirming insights into the drivers operating within my own professional practice. Mapping Motivation has highlighted future areas of growth and provided a clear and achievable action plan to ensure continued vision, growth and success. I have no doubt anyone completing this course will find it enriching on both a personal and professional level.

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