Understanding our young people.

Youth Maps

Youth maps offers students, teachers and parents an opportunity to connect passionately with their personal drive and engagement styles.

By understanding personal motivations, students are in ideal position to:  

  • Better understand themselves and others
  • Transition between schools or stages
  • Develop positive work and study habits
  • Connect to their learning
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals
  • Position themselves for success in the school and workplace
  • Embrace and optimise their natural gifts and talent

Assessing student motivations assists professional practice by providing insight and evidence into:        

  • Effectively communicate on personal progress as well as their academic progress
  • Planning for effective teaching and learning
  • Creating a supportive and safe learning environment
  • Effectively manage conflict without blame
  • Specific assessment, feedback and reporting on student
  • Engaging collaboratively with parents/carers and the community

Schools will be able to:      

  • Maximise student engagement
  • Truly individualise learning plans
  • Adapt to different student groups across the year or school
  • Engage students through purposeful conversation
  • Identify potentially demotivating situations
  • Identify and harness students natural gifts and talents

For Principals, Years 5-12 Educators, Counsellors, Year Coordinators, Wellbeing/Welfare Coordinators, Indigenous Liaison, Faculty Heads and Career Advisors.

Sample youth map – pdf here

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Parent/ Guardian Map Example

Here is an example Parent/ Guardian Map Report. When we conduct a Youth Map activity we also undertake:

Speak with us if you would like to veiw samples.