We are accredited Motivational Map practitioners and trainers.

Team Maps

Team Maps provide understanding of dynamics within a team, and identifies the overall motivation strategies that managers need to use with their team. They’re also great for team building and team workshops on Motivation. 

Each Team Map summarises the data from a group of individuals, in a user-friendly, personalised report, showing you:

  • Whether the team is primarily motivated by Growth, Achievement or Relationships
  • Exactly what motivates and demotivates the team as a whole
  • How motivated the team, and each individual is (0-100%)
  • Strategies to increase the motivation of the team, 
  • Which motivators team members share, and which they disagree on
  • The percentage Change Index for the team (e.g. averse or friendly)

Sample team map – pdf here

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Team Map Example

Here is an example Team Map Report.