Business Goal

To support managers and teams to achieve greater productivity, and strategically improve organisational progress. For managers to know what motivates both themselves and their teams, so using this insight can lead them to action, this action being the solution to the issue of gaining more motivation.  The team workshops were designed to build an increased understanding and appreciation of individual and team drivers to improve cooperation, productivity and team cohesion.


Senior managers and many of the executive team leaders were first to receive a motivational map. This involved the completion of an online survey, producing an individualised Motivational Map report and a coaching discussion on motivational strategies tailored to their results. The managers became ‘champions” of the tool and 108 staff ‘opted in’ and participated.  The data from the individual maps were compiled to create division, branch, leadership and team motivational map profiles. Data was analysed to understand the drivers of each team, the bottom motivators and those which may be in conflict with each other. The leadership cohorts and teams underwent a series of workshops focussing on building knowledge of the nine motivators, development of strategies to give energy and understanding actions and behaviours that are demotivating.


The managers received a greater understanding of the divisions motivators and had a new appreciation of why some staff had the found the change difficult. They were also aware that tailoring their management style to meet the needs of the employee’s motivators meant greater engagement and satisfaction in the teams. Using the data from the maps bespoke solutions were designed and implemented increasing a sense of security, ability to make a bigger difference and to use and develop their expertise. It was recognised that some staff, including those who were outposted had lost line of sight of how their contributions were making a difference to the overall goal of the division. Strategies were put in place to improve communications including a branch planning day with this as the main focus. All the team workshops featured discussions on the importance of feedback and linking their work to the organisation’s objectives. The division has had a further significant restructure late 2019. Many of the managers changed their messaging to create security and increase confidence in the staff during this time of change. Many of the staff will be remapped early 2020 to determine if the data supports the stories that the motivational mapping has been a transformative approach to building engagement and support for staff at this department.

Client Testimonial

Hi Marie, thank you for your excellent advice and support over the past year. Your work on motivational mapping has been great for us as a team and we continue to make use of your insights as the basis of our ongoing team planning. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future.    Alan – Director

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