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About Us

Marie Ball is a highly experienced professional development and HR specialist who has guided employees and senior executives on issues associated with individual and workplace performance. She has worked as a trusted Manager and Human Resource Advisor for over 20 years across the Commonwealth, State and Local governments, Education and the Not for Profit Sector.

Marie has a knack of bringing out the best in people by encouraging them to better understand what motivates them – what they can do to leverage strengths and work on weaknesses – in order to build and maintain workplace relationships and take control of their careers.

When applied across teams, Marie’s skills have proven to help to create high performing and positive work environments. She does this by using a range of tools including the Motivational Map® which is a self-perception online inventory that assists individuals, teams and their organisations to identify, explore and plan using an increased understanding of individual and team motivators. Marie also has purchased the licence to train others in Motivational Maps. You can connect and follow Marie on her social channels (below). To contact her, please visit the contact us page.